The University of Modena was founded in 1175, making it the third oldest university in the western world. It has just over 19.000 students and it is ranked 2nd among public universities according to Italy’s leading financial daily. It is located in the heart of one of Europe’s wealthiest and most dynamic regions, which is world-renowned for its production of mechanical parts, engines, sports cars (e.g. Ferrari and Maserati) as well as for its agro-food sector, ceramic tiles and manufacturing industries.

The High-Performance Real-Time Laboratory (HiPeRT Lab) led by Prof. Marko Bertogna, is coordinating the project. The High-Performance Real-Time Lab (HiPeRT Lab) of the University of Modena aims at creating a reference point in the research on real-time multi- and many-core systems, providing scheduling algorithms and schedulability tests for next-generation hardware architectures. HiPeRT Lab’s mission is to predictably exploit the tremendous performance/power potential offered by parallel computing platforms in application domains where timing constraints are crucial. The group has been involved in several EU project and has multiple on-going collaborations with key companies in industrial domains where real-time requirements are crucial: automotive, avionics, industrial automation, but also semantic intelligence and on-line advertising. It strongly believes in the technology transfer between academia and industry, fostering and promoting new collaborations for improving and devising the real-time systems of the future.

-Role in the project

The High-Performance Real-Time Laboratory from the University of Modena (UNIMORE) will supervise the project (WP7), and will develop resource-efficient and time-predictable algorithms for mapping tasks to threads, and scheduling the platform resources, such as cores, memory, and communication (WP5).

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Marko Bertogna

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